My name is Philip Looney, and I’m a Digital Marketing professional.

I work for Fan Interactive Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on sports and entertainment. At Fan Interactive Marketing, I use my skills as a digital platform manager to help professional sports leagues, teams, and event venues to create and execute email marketing campaigns using tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, Campaign Monitor, Braze, and Mailchimp.

I also assist my wife Ebony with her company Make Me Over Eb, a Digital Platform Management agency . Make Me Over Eb helps businesses organize and operate using tools like WordPress, Instagram, Asana, Slack, Mailchimp, Dr. Chrono, Zoom and more. My primary role is COO/CFO, helping manage operational aspects of the business so that Ebony can focus on client success.

Work History

In 2001, I began work in digital marketing, a brand new field that was emerging with the growth of the internet. I managed the email marketing and website marketing for Time Warner Cable’s South Carolina division. During that time, I started the blog Phil the Cable Guy, where I profiled programming and channels for Time Warner.

In 2005, I went to work for NCR as a Digital Marketing Consultant supporting their Customer Power eMarketing suite (later re-branded as APTRA eMarketing). During that time, I had the pleasure of working with such companies as Netflix, Anthropologie, AEG, Meijer, the LA Clippers, Denver Nuggets, SunTrust Bank, and many more. I worked with companies as large as HDFC, India’s largest private bank, to small business and start ups with less than 10 employees. I helped these companies manage their digital platforms like email, text messaging, social media, and eCommerce to execute omni-channel marketing campaigns.

In 2013, I entered the field of product management at NCR, working with SaaS products and digital platform integrations. While working in the product management discipline, I focused on setting product roadmaps, developing pricing, and go-to-market strategies for digital services and apps including digital receipts, digital coupons, email marketing platforms, point-of-sale systems, and mobile apps. I launched the first platform service products in NCR’s Business Services Platform into production at a customer site. I facilitated the migration of these products from AWS to Google Cloud Platform, laying the ground work for other services in the platform to migrate. This was a huge milestone for NCR’s strategic SaaS goals.

Personal Accomplishments

In 2020, I started the Eating the Elephant podcast with my friend Misael Rodriguez, where we talk about marketing and Mexican food. We started this podcast in an effort to share our knowledge of sales and marketing, and as a creative outlet and learning exercise to learn how to do podcasts.

I’m an ACE certified personal trainer, runner, weight lifter, and general fitness enthusiast, who loves the outdoors.  I recently published my first fitness book, A Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training, on Amazon Kindle. You can read my fitness blog at

I’m an avid reader and life long learner. I love to learn new skills and enjoy employing active learning strategies to learn new languages and skills. I enjoy using these skills not just for my own self-improvement, but to help teach and train others.

I love to travel and meet new people. I’ve done French language immersion for a month in Quebec, participated in a volunteer ministry in Gabon for two weeks, visited Paris and Dijon in France, and spent time in Ecuador. I’ve traveled to Istanbul, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Toronto, and all across the US to consult with companies on their digital marketing platforms, giving me a unique opportunity to experience different foods, cultures, and places that have broadened my horizons.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or read my blog to find out what’s new.