March 2018

In March, modesty was a reoccurring theme. For me modesty means recognizing that you can’t do everything, and that if you do decide to do something (start any activity – exercise, writing, journaling, etc.) that there is going to be a trade off. For me, it is recognizing that I need to be modest in my use of time, and be modest in what I put on my plate.

The popular notation of a “side hustle” involves a trade off. For the time you spend each week developing a “side hustle”, you lose that time that you could have spent with your family, time you could have spent resting and recuperating so as to be at your best for other commitments and responsibilities. You have to examine why you want to take on extra work. What tangible benefit do you gain for the trade off you’re making? Is it really worth it?

A quote that stuck out to me in this regard: “As few as you can, as many as you must.” – John Stuart Mill

My second take away was related to the need for thankfulness. I used a guided run with the Nike Run Club app, and in doing the “don’t want to run” run there was a powerful quote/idea – it’s easier to tear yourself down than to build yourself up. It’s like how it’s easier to knock things off a shelf than to put them on the shelf.

For me, it’s very easy to get down on myself and what I’m not doing or on the goals I’ve still haven’t reached. However, it’s important to reflect positively on the things I have accomplished and the things I have been blessed with. Doing this type of positive reflection builds self-efficacy that reinforces that future goals can be reached if I persist.

This month, I performed brainstorming for the first time with the journal. Being able to put down the seeds of different ideas and flesh them out as the days went along had a real positive impact on my professional life this month. I would say without a doubt it was a combination of reading non-fiction and journaling that brought about this breakthrough for me.


This month I’ve been reading The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau. The case studies of different micro business owners has been a great aid for me in ideation, reinforcing certain product management and business basics related to pricing, business plans, and examining a market. I highly recommend it.

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