January 2018

One of my goals for this year is to keep a daily journal. Thus far, I’ve been able to stay on track, recording a thought, sketch, reflection, etc (almost) everyday. What benefit have I really gained?

My fear midway through was that this was just an exercise in navel gazing. My past journaling efforts fell by the wayside because I felt like I was just recording the repetitive daily routine I follow. This time around, I’ve tried to focus less on events and more on thoughts, self reflections, and in some cases mixing things up with doodles and art prompts.

One pay off I’m seeing is from my January 22 entry – It is clear that small creative acts done daily over time act as a compounding interest of sorts. The act of writing and sketching adds to my problem solving abilities and creative thinking. Also, having a compilation of reflections, quotes, and a record of a moment in time pays benefits later when you’re able to go back and read these reflections and see where your life is over time.

This was impressed to me when I found some old journal attempts from 6 and 7 years ago. To see where things are today having reached goals I set back then, and how much happier that has made me today having reached those goals, gives me confidence in the ability to reach current goals and to know the pay off at the end is the satisfaction of having accomplished something I set out to do.

This blog will act as my secondary journal to use as a consolidation and reflection of the previous month’s daily journal.  These insights I gain will be distilled here for quick reference and perhaps a public benefit.


Articles that inspired my journaling: