February 2018

In my reflections of this past month’s journal entries, there were two key influences over my thoughts and actions for the month: Time and Poke the Box

TIME: Time passes very, very quickly. When you’re involved in a number of activities within your community, the weekends quickly go by and you find little time for yourself to truly relax and pursue self-reflexition and rest. Each weekend of the past month was filled with activtivites and giving to others. However, there is a reward in giving of yourself to others, because yoou’re able to positively impact other peoples’ lives. And in turn, others will give to you based on what you give out. The underlying principle of you reap what you sow is shown through seeing the positive results your actions have. The things you do directly impact the results you achieve.

POKE THE BOX: I read Poke the Box by Seth Godin this month. This book was less than 100 pages, but I found several notations in my journal for the ideas it generated. In summary, the book is about initiating, starting, doings, and then shipping – share the idea. But from there, what is the “idea” – what would I do if I had a TED talk? What could I build? The goal with “work” should be to generate unique learnings and interactions that are worth sharing.

My hope is that putting these ideas I’ve learned over the past month in this online journal is worth sharing.

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