April 2018

Creativity is the residue of time wasted – Albert Einstein

We went camping in April, and spent the majority of the time doing….nothing. My April activity balanced the needs of many new experiences with that of idle time. In our productivity centric society, the idea of wasting time is sacrilege; but this month reinforced to me that sometimes there is a great value in doing nothing or doing things that are a waste of time within a balanced frame work.

Taking time to be in nature, to turn off your phone, not listen to music, and just look around can refresh your mind. Using time to do relaxing activities that might not have any real merit, like playing video games, can also have some benefit in moderation. Many of my reflexions from the month highlighted that joy.

Of course, idle time needs to be balanced with output of creativity and insights. April was used to restart some creative pursuits, like drawing, and to do and experience new things. For instance, in April:

  • I started to teach a new exercise class
  • I went to a new restaurant in town
  • I went to a new art festival
  • I started playing golf
  • I went on vacation somewhere I’d never been before

Doing even small things in town that are new experiences created new insights for me, and has given me drive to continue to look for new experiences each month. Can I carve out one day each month to do something or go somewhere new or fresh? That is the goal for May and beyond.

Link I’m enjoying:

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