Bienvenue!  My name is Philip Looney, and I’m a Product Manager based in Columbia, South Carolina.  I’ve been working in digital marketing, digital strategy, and product management since 2001.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with  such companies as Netflix, Anthropologie, AEG, the LA Clippers, Time Warner Cable, SunTrust Bank, and many more.  I’ve helped these companies use digital media channels like email, text messaging, social media, and eCommerce to execute omni-channel marketing campaigns.

In 2014, I shifted my attention to product management, and I currently work with NCR’s Omnichannel Service Decision Platform, setting the product roadmap and strategy for digital services and apps including Digital Receipts, Digital Coupons, and Email Marketing.

I’m an avid reader and life long learner, with a love of history, science fiction, and language.  You can see my current read list here.

You can also read my online journal here, where I distill down my daily journal into insights I’ve found related to productivity and continual learning that I hope might be interesting or helpful for you.  I believe in having a Growth Mindset; that our intelligence can be developed and improved over time.  Our learning is a continual journey, and not a fixed destination.

I’m also an ACE certified personal trainer, runner, weight lifter, and general fitness enthusiast, who loves the outdoors.  You can read my fitness blog at